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Contruction Certificates & PCA NSW Building Certifier’s principal business is the issue of Construction Certificates and undertaking the role of Principal Certifying Authority for all type of building projects. Once a Development Consent has been issued by Council we will work with the applicant to simplify and fast track the Construction Certificate process.  Our key objective is to enable the applicant to commence building works as early as possible.

Our professional certification services would generally entail the following:-

  1. Review the design drawings of the proposed development and provide preliminary regulatory advice.
  2. Assess the proposal against the provisions of the conditions of the Development Consent and the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.
  3. Provide advice in relation to items of non-compliance or inconsistency with the Development Consent and Building Code of Australia.
  4. Attend project coordination meetings with the consultant team, as required.
  5. Provide a written list of any outstanding documentation or information required for the issue of a Construction Certificate after receipt of the Construction Certificate Application.
  6. Upon receipt of all required information issue a Construction Certificate for the proposed building work, in accordance with Part 4A of the EP & A Act 1979. 
  7. Provide ongoing building regulatory and BCA advice throughout the construction phase of the project.
  8. Undertake progress site inspections, (including the critical stage inspections required by the EP & A Act) and a final inspection upon completion of the works. 
  9. At completion of the building work issue an Occupation Certificate (Interim or Final) in accordance with the provisions of Part 4A of the EP & A Act. 

BCA Reports and Fire Safety Upgrades We also conduct site audits of existing buildings and provide expert advice in relation to compliance with the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards. Where necessary we also provide advice on recommended fire upgrade strategies to achieve an acceptable level of fire safety and where Council has served a fire upgrade order we will liaise with Council to resolve the terms of the order.

Continuing Professional Development Legislative requirements in the building industry are constantly changing and NSW Building Certifiers understands the importance of staying abreast with the latest industry developments. Our accredited certifiers are strong believers of continual professional development and attend industry based seminars and conferences as well as practical workplace training. We pride ourselves on staying up to date and being able to pass our knowledge onto the applicant and all key players in the construction process.

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